Don’t you just hate to clean your bathroom? And, the crazy thing is you could clean for an hour and still find something that you missed! I know it’s not my best household chore and bathrooms can be the most difficult places in our homes to keep clean. However, with a few clever changes and upgrades, it can be much easier to clean and maintain your bathroom.

I’ve been keeping a squirt bottle of vinegar and water under my cabinet to do a quick clean up of fingerprints on the mirror and smudges on the vanity.

I also found an idea on Pinterest to clean with Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. It really does a fantastic job cleaning grout, tiles, sinks as well as the toilet bowl!

Here are some other quick tips for helping you save time when getting your house ready to sell or after you get settled in your new home!

No-Touch Faucets: They’re not just for public restrooms, you know. A sensor on your bathroom faucet will eliminate one of the main touchable surfaces.

Install or upgrade the exhaust fan: The fan isn’t just for reducing odors or keeping the mirrors from fogging. The better your ventilation system in the bathroom, the easier it will be to prevent mildew and mold. It’ll also prevent paint from bubbling and peeling.

Easy-Clean Toilets: Whoever designed older toilets certainly didn’t design them with cleaning in mind! Newer toilets are often designed with smoother services that make cleaning a much simpler task—no more standing on your head to reach every toilet surface.

Remove grout: Germs and grime love to build up in the spaces between tile. Instead of tile, you can cover larger surfaces with glass or stone veneer, or simply use larger tiles. That’ll reduce the overall amount of grout in your bathroom.

If you have other helpful bathroom cleaning ideas, please email me so I can include them in my next update.

Thanks for reading!


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